Wilder Motor & Equipment Co.


Wilder Equipment services everything it sells. Factory-trained technicians give our customers peace of mind knowing we have the skills to meet every challenge, including the ability to completely rebuild or service on-site any piece of equipment we sell. Our conscientious efforts result in minimum downtime & maximum profits for your company. Let us handle your service needs and keep you running smoothly.

Besides servicing our products and keeping your rental pumps in good working order, our technicians also build new products from scratch. Wilder Equipment has long been known for quality Pump Assemblies. Not only can our sales team find the right pump and motor to match your particular application, our service department can put it all together in a package delivered to you, ready for use.

Probably the greatest advantage of letting us put together your pump and motor assembly is the ability to quickly fix anything that might go wrong down the road. Because we assembled the package, we can replace parts easier and faster, keeping your down-time to a minimum.

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Wilder Motor & Equipment Co.